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Frequent questions concerning our detect invisible system functionality

  • 1. What is is a website which offers its service in order to detect invisible users on Yahoo! Messenger. Our website has a 100% accuracy and detects anyone, regardless of what operating system and Yahoo Messenger client is the person in question using.

  • 2. How does work?

    Using the website is quite simple. You just introduce the ID you want to check in the text box you can find on the home page, and then press the GO button or simply press Enter. Then, the website will give you one of the three possible results: Online, Invisible, Offline. Sometimes, you might get the message "Servers are Busy". This a very rare occasion, when our servers are too busy and can't process the users' detection queries.

  • 3. Whom is addressed to? addresses to everyone, who would like to see other yahoo messenger users online status.

  • 4. Can I check the IDs I do not have in my list?

    Yes, can detect any users regardless you have that person in your list or not, but in order to give back correct results, the ID checked has to be valid.

  • 5. Why does show people online when in reality they are offline or it shows them offline when actually people are online?
    • This is a possibility if someone is invisible, but selected a few ID's for whom he appears online. In this case, our detectors will show that ID as being invisible.
    • Another possibility is that someone is online, but selected a few ID's for whom he "Appears offline to ..."/"Appears permanently offline to ...". In this case, people are online, even though for some people they appear offline and online will be the status IMvisible will show.
  • 6. Do I have to pay for this service?

    NO, this service is absolutely FREE for everyone. In the matter of fact we encourage every user to invite their friends to use our services.

  • 7. Does have control over a messenger account? has absolutely no control over a messenger account. The detection process has absolutely nothing to do with a messenger account or the security of a messenger account. If you are concerned about your contact lists' safety, we recommend you to use Backup YM.

  • 8. How protected are my data?
    • The algorithm that detects users is unique and doesn't require any login; therefore it has no access to any personal information of a user.
    • In case of deciding upon the Yahoo Backup Service, according to our websites' terms and conditions, we guarantee that all your information and data will stay confidential and shall not be revealed to third parties. Our service has been specially created in order to help users due to the frauds and theft committed online.