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Welcome to our Backup/Export Yahoo buddy list free tool

First of all, the team would like to clarify some issues: Our service IS NOT A PASSWORD HACKER FOR YAHOO MESSEGER nor is it a program that can crack passwords for Yahoo messenger. Our service was not intended as such, therefore cannot be used as a program that can crack password for Yahoo Messenger. Those who thought so, were totally wrong, and are looking in the wrong place.

In the matter of fact, the idea of our service to recover Yahoo buddy list, came to as after we have encountered a lot of people, with the upper mentioned problem. That there password was hacked, and they have lost all their contacts. Thus, the idea came to us: it would be quite nice, that even if we cannot help to recover the whole account, but still we could keep a lot of people's loss to a minimum, by providing a Backup Yahoo buddy list. A lot of Internet users came across websites, which resembled perfectly as the Yahoo Mail page, and because many people do not check the address bar, they become as a victim to immoral users of the internet.

All we can do is to warn people to avoid these. Always check your address bar before providing personal account information no matter where you want to sign in.

But, the good news is, that we have now a service through which you can back up email addresses. You can simply Import/export yahoo buddy list, and by doing so, you will be able to keep them. By exporting yahoo messenger contacts, you won't lose it if someone uses a program that can crack password for yahoo messenger. How to recover hacked Yahoo email? I'm afraid this is a much more complicated situation. But now you can recover your Yahoo buddy list!

This is the good news. You simply back up your contacts, and keep it safe. If such an unfortunate thing should happen with you, dear user, you can simply import your yahoo buddy list - because you had a Backup Yahoo Buddy list.

Our Yahoo BackUp YM service is free to use, simple, and we also recommend its use. Back up your old yahoo account, and after a possible unfortunate event, you can access our service with your old password, and recover Yahoo email addresses.