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Our website has been created to give you and all of your friends the possibility to detect invisible buddy is they are online, offline or invisible whenever you wish to check them. Our dedicated servers give you the possibility to get instant results 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. With a simple press of a button, we now offer you the possibility to see the real status of any Yahoo Messenger ID.

Feel free to test our detectors and compare us to others, it is the best way to convince yourself that our service is the fastest and most reliable yahoo invisible detector available online.

We are constantly upgrading our yahoo invisible detector in order to suite your needs and to give the most accurate results. Our team is working hard to keep up with the complexity of yahoo�s updates and services. As a result our programming is as secure as it can be and bug free, using the most advanced technologies of AJAX and MySQL databases. For webmasters we have created webmaster tool, a Yahoo Messenger online status indicator, so that visitors can connect with the webmaster more easily directly through their websites.

Also, we have created a free affiliate program that is available for anyone who would like to have their own Invisible Detector, Hi5 Finder or Facebook Detector.